Mother And Son Injured In Firetruck Crash Out Of Hospital

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(Memphis) A mother and son who were critically injured in an accident with a firetruck are now out of the hospital.

Six surgeries later, Kamilah Robinson was released late Wednesday afternoon from the hospital and her1-year-old son Cartravion is also in outpatient rehab.

When you look at what happened, the car they were in, Martha Robinson says only one thing can explain why her daughter and grandson are alive:

“It’s a miracle,” said Robinson. “It's a miracle.”

The two spent three weeks on life support after being hit by a Memphis City fire truck.

The crash broke Kamilah's neck, spine, collarbone, and her arm in ninie places.

Doctors say she will be permanently disabled.

Martha hopes her grandson, Cartravion, who has a brain injury, can recover.

"I hope so but right now he's not walking at all. He can't stand on his legs at all.”

He still can't talk and only recently his mom started saying words.

“Her memory is coming back.”

“She couldn't remember who she was?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No. She couldn't remember anything.”

Almost a month after the crash on Ridgeway near Nonconnah, Martha says while her daughter is in constant pain, what hurts her most is that none of the firefighters involved in that crash have paid a visit to the hospital.

“Because they haven't reached out to her out at all, us, her kids. They haven't called to check on her kids. Nothing.”

She says a call, a visit, would mean so much no matter who is to blame.

“It could have been anybody's daughter, mother. It was terrible.”

A witness at the scene that day told News Channel 3 that the fire truck flew through a red light on Ridgeway and slammed into the mother and son in their car, but police won't say who's at fault, saying the wreck is still under investigation.