Desoto County Man Now Recovering in Memphis

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(Memphis) It’s been four weeks since Nesbit, Miss., resident Jason Taylor fell 45 feet onto an escalator below while on business in California.

After a 1,700 mile trip, he is now recovering in the Mid-South.

“He thought for the longest time he was actually in a hospital in Memphis instead of California, so when I told him we were in California it was little bit of a shocker,” said Tara Taylor, Jason’s wife.

Tara and Jason finally made it back to Memphis this week, and Jason is now recovering at The Med.

But it wasn’t an easy journey.

Jason’s condition had to stabilize, and family and friends has to raise $25,000 for the Angel Med Flight home that insurance wouldn't pay for.

“He’s receiving visitors, he’s glad to see people, he has his mom here now, his sister,” said Tara.

Most importantly, the couple has been able to see to their two young daughters that have been with family since the accident.

“He was thrilled to see them. You know the little one was a little apprehensive because he has a lot of facial hair and hair on his head, he is usually very clean cut,” said Tara.

But Tara said the outlook of the doctors at The Med is very different from the doctors in California.

“They are very aggressive. You know everything is very positive, ‘Let’s get him out of here. What do we need to do to get him out of here?’ They are taking him from scratch, redoing scans and ex-rays and MRIs and just taking a full look at the picture and seeing how they want to tackle his injuries. But they are talking about what are we doing to get you out of here, instead of like we are just going to sit around and maintain your care,” said Tara.

Jason had several broken bones. Click here for more information on his injuries.

“It’s a blessing from God, we couldn’t have done it without God’s grace,” said Tara about Jason’s recovery.

Four weeks ago, he was in a coma, and now he is sitting up and breathing on his own.

“He’s smiling, he’s making faces,” said Tara.