Gun Owners Say Adult Should Be Held Responsible After Teen Shoots Friend

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Memphis police have not said where a 14-year-old boy got the firearm used to shoot his friend behind a Memphis elementary school.

Some gun owners feel whoever owns the weapon should also be held responsible.

Michael Campbell collects guns, a hobby he says comes with a lot of responsibility, "We have a couple safes we keep at the house that he does not have access to at all."

In the last several days, two Shelby County students brought guns to school, and a 14-year-old shot his friend behind a Memphis elementary school.

No adult has been charged in any incident.

"They see it as a play thing. Something that they can play with. A mystery about it. They want to see it, feel it and play with it. That's when bad things happen," certified firearms instructor Julie Hill said.

Hill says it's important guns are either left in a safe out of reach or a lock is used, "With this lock, it goes through the barrel of the gun, so you can see you can't close it, and the gun is not loaded. You cannot pull the trigger," Hill said while showing off the lock.

The locks come free with a new gun.

If you purchase a used firearm, the store will provide one for free, or you can ask Memphis police for a free lock.

"You've got to take the responsibility. It's not the gun that is going to shoot somebody. It's the person pulling the trigger," Hill said.

As for Campbell, every gun he owns has a lock, "It's very necessary if you're going to have a kid, or you don't need to have them in the house."

A gun safe runs around $30-$40.

You can get a free gun lock at any Memphis Police precinct.