11-Year Old Shared Concerns About Unwanted Advances By Her Confessed Killer

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(Gosnell, AR) There is a lot of unanswered questions about the death of 11-year-old Jessica Williams.

17-year old Christopher Sowell confessed to killing her, but the reason why he said he did it has people asking questions.

We first told you about a friend of Jessica's seeing Christopher making unwanted advances toward Jessica on a school bus.

We found out she wasn't the only one Jessica talked to about the unwanted attention.

Another person was neighbor and friend Paulette King,

"She told me she didn't like him. No, she said, 'I don't like him.' 'I don't trust him.'

King said the 11-year old told her on more than one occasion about unwanted advances by Christopher Sowell,

"That he would touch her legs and you know, tried to play with her hair and all that. And they'd get "into it" on the count of that he'd be doing her that way."

Reportedly those advances were made while Sowell and Williams were riding on a  Gosnell Arkansas school bus.

Bonard Mace the Supt. of the Gosnell School District did not want to go on camera but said,

"To his knowledge there has been nothing reported about any inappropriate activity between Christopher Sowell and Jessica Williams while on the school bus."

17-year old Christopher Sowell is in jail, charged with first degree murder in Jessica's death.

Sowell confessed to choking Williams on a bridge southwest of Gosnell, until she became "wide-eyed."

He said he then threw her into the water below the bridge and walked away.

Her body was found by searchers and Sowell was arrested after confessing to his involvement in her death.

Paulette King is grieving for her young friend and said she encouraged Jessica to tell her father about Sowell,

"Tell your father what he's been saying to you, or doing to ya. and don't let him get away with that."

But it appears Jessica's father Eric Williams didn't know about what was happening.

We asked him the day after Sowell was arrested...

"Did your daughter ever say anything about anybody suspicious, anybody saying anything to her, anything that could lead to..."

His answer was,


Jessica attended Heart Land Church in Gosnell where church member Betty Stigall, said the church family is coping with the youngsters death,

"It was heartbreaking. She was part of our family. This is our church and we're all just one big family and she was one of our children, one of our babies."

Stigall said Heart Land and other churches in the Gosnell area are going to conduct fundraising activities to help Jessica's family with funeral expenses.

Meantime, Christopher Sowell remains in jail with a two-million dollar cash bond.