4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

Woman Arrested For Robbing Man With 25 Kids

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is behind bars for setting up a robbery.

You may recognize her victim - he’s the father of more than 25 kids by at least 17 different women we told you about last year.

Neighbors believe Ashley Beal played to his weakness to set him up.

“I heard him hollering and I came outside here,’ said Leonard Wright, who lives in the apartment below where Beal used to live.

Wright found Turnage with his pants down.

“I tried to help him dress, re-dress, but when there was blood on my hands I just stopped.

Turnage was shot and broke his leg in November 2011 after police say Beal used his weakness for women to set him up.

The two just met when she lured him back to her apartment.

Then robbers came busting through the door.

Wright says Turnage jumped out of the apartment window, hit the railing on the way down and landed on the curb on Boxberry in Whitehaven, and crumpled in a ball.

“I heard it and heard someone hollering for help.”

Almost two years later, Beal has been arrested for the crime and Turnage is famous for his bedroom escapades.

“How come you are not paying your child support?” reporter Sabrina Hall asked Turnage last year. “Can you answer that?”

Turnage has more than 25 children and owes plenty of child support.

“What were you getting?” asked Hall.

“Five dollars,” said Tara Smith.

“I only got six dollars, nine dollars,” said LaToya Shields.

“A dollar and 26 cents,” said Cary Williams.

Turnage recently told a judge he has no money.

“You've got no income?” asked the judge.

“No sir,” said Turnage in court.

“The last time I saw him he was in a BMW,” said Smith.

Even Wright recalls what Turnage was driving that November night: a Cadillac Escalade.

He said Turnage knew, especially with his pants down, he was a target.

“He was worried about them coming back to his house and robbing his house,” said Wright.

Beal is being held in jail on a $100,000 bond.

In the meantime, Turnage still owes even more than that in child support.

Turnage filed for disability after being shot and breaking his leg. We don't know if the government approved it.

Ashley Beal now faces aggravated robbery charges.

Police say she took off with the robbers that night.