Convicted Killer In Arkansas Is On The Run

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(St. Francis County, AR) A Forrest City woman is living in fear of the man who killed her husband.

St. Francis County authorities are searching for Anthony Millbrook, who is considered armed and dangerous.

In 2010, authorities say Milbrooks and two of his friends drove by a house, shot it up and murdered a 50-year-old man in his driveway.

“They shot my husband right out here,” said Ruth Willis.

Thirty-three years with her husband, Roosevelt Willis, and just like that – he was gone.

Now, three years later, Willis is living with the fact his killer is on the loose.

“That’s why I can't sleep at night and I constantly have to have someone here with me,” said Willis. “I’m scared to even come out of the house.”

Since her husband's murder, Anthony Millbrooks has been locked up for the crime.

But just this month, he faced a judge for trial, and took a plea deal to serve 22 years in prison.

Before sentencing, for some reason the judge let Millbrooks out of jail to get his affairs in order.

Millbrooks was supposed to report back August 22, but did not show up.

The court has issued a million dollar bench warrant for Mr. Millbrooks.

Judge LT Simes would not explain to News Channel 3 why he made this decision.

“He’s still in town,” said an anonymous woman in Forrest City.

“How do you know?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Because everybody's talking about it,” she said.

“What do you think about this?” asked Hall.

“They need to hurry up and get them off the street,” she said.

A woman, who didn't want to be identified, said she saw Millbrooks recently at an apartment complex on Dawson Road in Forrest City.

“That’s maybe a mile and a half from here,” said Willis.

“The lady said she saw him over there on Friday,” said Hall.

“Oh my God. Jesus Christ,” said Willis. “I hope they hurry up and catch him before he does something else.”

“We are keeping a close eye on his mother's house and his girlfriend's house daily, sometimes twice daily,” said St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May.

The sheriff said he's on the case, searching for the killer he calls a gang member and thug.

Millbrooks is a black male, approximately 5’7" and 180 lbs., with Gucci tattoos on both forearms.

He also has three tear drops tattooed on his face, some say, each representing people he's killed.

One of them: Ruth's husband.

"I was in the house and it's by the grace of God that I’m here today,” she said.

Willis said it's not right the judge let Millbrooks out of jail.

If you think you know where he's hiding out, call the St. Francis Count Sheriff's Department at 870-633-2611.