Officer In Fatal Crash Working On Plea Deal

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(Memphis) The officer who was involved in a crash that killed two and seriously injured one person is working out a plea deal with prosecutors.

Investigators say then MPD officer Alex Beard was driving 94 miles per hour responding to a call without his siren when his car collided with another on Crump Avenue last year.

Beard is charged with vehicular homicide.

We've learned Beard's attorney is working out a plea deal with prosecutors.

He says he isn’t guilty because the car, driven by Michael Ross, turned in front of him.

Delores Jean Epps and her daughter, Mackala, were killed.

However, Ross contends Beard is guilty and says because of Beard’s ties to law enforcement he’s gotten special treatment from the beginning.

District Attorney Amy Weirich said that is not true, “They are looked at like everyone else and we understand how important it is to the public that we speak.”

Beard, who is free on a $20,000 bond, also suffered injuries in the crash.

Police officers are supposed to follow traffic laws even in emergency situations and use their lights.

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