Oxford Students Get Counseling After Teen Killed In Wreck

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(Oxford, MS) Two out of four teenagers hurt in a Panola County accident late Saturday continue recovering at Tri-Lakes hospital while two others recover at hospitals in Memphis.

Meantime, students at Oxford High School are coping with the death of one of their fellow students in the wreck.

”I tell ya, this is the toughest part of being a counselor, is when a students passes away” said Mike McLarty, the head counselor at Oxford High.

He says the accident that took the life of 17-year-old Sarah Bial, and injured four others, has taken it’s toll on the students here.

”Mainly it’s not talking to them, or telling them anything. It’s to let them tell me. There are so many components to grief. Let them tell me their feelings and so I listen a lot and hug a lot”.

Bial was new to the school, but the shock of her death and the injury of the others led students to a Sunday night prayer circle on campus.

”I sat right by her in class. I sat right by her. I only knew her four days” said one student at the vigil.

McLarty says some students may not yet realize the impact of the accident, but he’s going to be here when the students need him.

”When this happens it’s like a wound. And it will scar over. It will heal but the scar’s going to be there”.

Services for Sarah Bial are set for Wednesday in Oxford. The Waller funeral home has charge.