DOT Foods, Inc. Bringing Much Needed Jobs To Dyersburg

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(Dyersburg, TN) Big economic news for a part of Tennessee that can use it.

DOT Foods, Inc., is building a $24 million food re-distribution facility in Dyersburg.

Construction hasn't started on the new facility yet, but the anticipation of new jobs is like an early Christmas gift.

"Let me be the first to announce publicly...DOT Foods is coming to Dyersburg."

News the nation's largest food re-distributor will set up shop in Dyersburg came at the Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting.

It's the kind of economic shot-in-the-arm this part of northwest Tennessee has been waiting for.

Tim Loyd will be general manager of the facility when it opens in September 2014.

"Our products are going to end up at schools, hospitals,  restaurants. But our customers are the distributors that sell to those companies."

The company is investing $24 million to build a new 166,000 square foot facility in the Dyersburg Industrial Park.

The best part of the news is DOT Foods is looking to hire 157 new employees.

Loyd said there are a lot of positions that need to be filled.

"There will be truck driving jobs,  jobs working on our warehouse, management jobs, supervisory jobs, management trainee jobs, administrative job and so forth."

Entry level truck drivers can start off making $50,000 a year, and salaries for other positions will be "market competitive."

The company considered Dyersburg's schools and its low crime in the decision to pick Dyersburg.

But Mayor John Holden said there were attractive incentives that sealed the deal.

"Six-million, seven-million dollars worth of tax incentives. Obviously the state is  involved as well with some things that they're going to do and the Fast Trac Grants and things like that."

Ground breaking can't happen fast enough for Lloyd LaRose who owns a custom sign shop right across the highway from where DOT Foods will build,

"Any kind of a plants, factories or anything moving into Dyersburg is great."

LaRose said he sees potential customers who will need signs and he's ready to do business with DOT Foods,

"They're going to need fast signs, construction signs, inside signs, OSHA signs, safety... you name it."