West Memphis Police Shoot Alleged Suspect

A man is in critical condition after a police-involved shooting at the Walker Street Grocery Store in West Memphis Thursday night.

Arkansas State Police say the suspect pointed a gun at them, so they shot him before he could fire on two officers.

One man in West Memphis says there's a dark cloud over his neighborhood.

“It’s crazy man. This happens every day. It’s not supposed to be like that over here, but it’s turning into a disaster.”

He spoke with Nathaniel Lee Warren just moments before he got into a fight with someone outside the grocery store, which caused police to come out.

“I was just talking to him! I spoke to him and everything. He’s a cool guy,” said Warren’s friend.

West Memphis Police aren't talking about the incident where two of their officers shot Warren, but state police are saying that when the officers ordered Warren to drop his gun, he refused, so they had no choice but to shoot.

Kenric Jackson says everyone knows how that will turn out.

“Man! Never point a gun at police. That’s all I can say,” said Jackson.

Majed Esmail is a store clerk at Walker Street Grocery and was shocked by what his customer allegedly did.

“He’s a good man. A good customer,” said Esmail.

The clerk claims nothing like that has ever happened at his store.

The two officers involved have been temporarily relived of duty as police investigate.

The state police, not West Memphis police, are investigating since this involves West Memphis officers, and that investigation is underway right now.

State police say when they finish, it will be turned over to the Crittenden County prosecutor for charges.

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