Family Of Woman Hit By Fire Truck Hires Attorney

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(Memphis) We have an update on a mother and baby hit by Memphis fire engine.

We're told Kamilah Robinson and her 1-year-old son Cartravion Adams are still hanging on to life in the hospital.

The crash happened more than two weeks ago at Ridgeway and Nonconnah, and since then, their family has hired an attorney.

Attorney Jeff Rosenblum calls the crash an act of "pure negligence" by the city, the fire department and the firefighter driving that day.

Kamilah Robinson is on a ventilator and Cartravion is on oxygen and hooked up with a feeding tube.

Their family is waiting to see if they’ll survive.

“The first thing they wanted to do was just pray,” said Rosenblum.

Rosenblum says the second thing the family did was call him.

“We were contacted about ten days ago.”

He says they called him because they heard what witnesses had to say about the crash.

“The fire truck was going really fast and didn't slow down and she had the green light,” witness Felicia Meeks said the morning of the crash.

They say the fire truck flew through a red light on Ridgeway August 8, slamming into the mother and child, who were driving north onto Nonconnah.

“Her door was all smashed up in her side,”said Meeks. “It was really terrible.”

Fifteen days later, police say they're still investigating who was at fault.

“Some say it’s a fox guarding the hen house, “ said Rosenblum.  “It's the City investigating the City.”

Rosenbloom says he believes the investigation will find the fire engine to blame, “They have to stop. They have to follow the rules of the road. We understand that fire trucks, when there's an emergency, they have to get to the scene as fast as possible but that doesn't give them carte blanche to break all the traffic rules.”

Rosenblum says he also wants to know if the fire engine, the heaviest City vehicle on the road, was even necessary for an emergency medical call and whether the intersection,  which he calls dangerous, played a part in the crash.

The police department would not give News Channel 3 a timeline on its investigation.

In the meantime, the attorney is doing his own digging, talking to witnesses and building a case against the City.