The Privilege Of Being Rich, Steamy TV Ads, And Time Travel?

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A luxury apartment building in Manhattan will have two separate entrances, one for the super-rich, and one for the "regular" folks.

Most units are being sold for more than a million dollars, but the building will also have a few "low income" units.

Those renters will have to use a side door, while the elite, get to go through the front.

And, it's not the only building in the city like this.

A Florida mom's outrage over a steamy promo for the TV show "Betrayal" has gone viral.

We're not going to show it to you, but it shows a fully naked couple, though they're lying on top of each other so they're not totally exposed.

She says the problem is it came on in the morning while she was having breakfast with her child.

Bad timing?

Women are up in arms over the NFL's new policy.

Many have shown up to preseason games, only to be told their purses have to go back to the car.

They can only carry a clutch size bag, or use a clear plastic bag.

A case of security going too far?

A new poll from the Economist and YouGov asked Americans what decade they'd most like to time travel back to.

Most said, the decade of their youth.

What about you?

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