67-Year-Old Woman Hit By Car While Chasing Purse Snatcher

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(Memphis) Police are searching for the man who stole a woman's purse and his accomplice, who hit the woman with a car.

Officers say the woman was loading groceries in her car at the parking lot outside the Walmart on Germantown Parkway when the man in his 20s reached in, grabbed the purse and took off.

The victim is 67 years old.

Officers say she ran after the purse snatcher, who jumped into a white BMW sedan.

The driver of the sedan hit the woman on his way out.

Shoppers at the Walmart were surprised, considering the store is in a safe suburb, with security guards, warning signs, and cameras dotting the roof.

The incident happened weeks ago and police are still looking for the person who did this.

Other shoppers say they will use the experience as a reminder to be on guard, and say they know they're not safe anywhere.