Police Say Woman Ran Over Ex And Killed Him

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(Memphis) A woman is locked up, accused of running over and killing her ex-boyfriend.

Memphis police say the woman hit him with her car on Farmville Road by Highland and turned herself in two hours later on the 1400 block of Locust.

Police say this death is the result of domestic violence and officers had been to the home once already Tuesday morning, just an hour before the man was run over.

“She stayed at the scene for a second and she was in the white Lincoln and she was crying and she said ‘He’s dead! He's dead!” so I guess she thought he was dead and pulled off,” said Sabrina Woods, who heard the story from neighbors.

Officers searched for the woman for two hours before she turned herself in.

They say she abandoned the car and walked up to a police cruiser a couple miles from the crime scene, around the same time her ex-boyfriend died at the MED.

“He was all mangled and twisted up. Blood was coming out from everywhere,” said Woods.

Before it came to that, police say they'd already been to the house once Tuesday when the man's mother called 911, saying her son's ex was vandalizing his car.

Police came out and took a report, then left.

Then, less than an hour later, police say the woman drove back in her car and ran him over.

MLGW workers fixing a water line on the street didn't see him get hit, but saw his body.

“I didn't want to see him like that because he is a real close friend,” said Danielle Nelson, who lives across the street.

Soon relatives got word he died at the hospital.

“I tell you, it shouldn't have happened,” said Fred Sheffa, the victim’s distant relative.

“It’s just a mess,” said a woman. “It’s scary for it to be in our own neighborhood. It’s scary.”

“I feel it's awful,” said Woods. “I mean it's terrible. This is not how you resolve a conflict."

Police say because there were no witnesses who saw the woman actually hit the man, they are still trying to figure out if it was intentional and what to charge her with.