Parent Furious Some SCS Classes Have No Teacher

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(Bartlett, TN) Having a teacher is part of going to school, but that's not the case for many students in Shelby County.

Right now the district says there are a lot of classrooms that don't have a teacher because they didn't get an accurate count.

The school district says this is a normal part of the beginning of the school year and has nothing to do with the merger.

The district says they don't know how many students are impacted, but say it's 'a lot.'

"It's very frustrating," said Angela Ross.

Ross is the wife of a News Channel 3 photographer, and is livid her second grader at Oak Elementary in Bartlett still doesn't have a teacher two weeks into school.

"You rely on the teacher to be the anchor and teach them and make them feel like they have a place in he school, and right now she doesn't necessarily feel that," said Ross.

Since that anchor is missing, Ross's daughter and her classmates meet with a teacher's assistant in the morning and are split up into small groups and sent to other classes.

The district insists they are not missing any class time and they are working to crunch the numbers and bring in a new teacher.

Ross says she got a letter from the district on the second day of school and a couple of phone calls with the principal.

They also got a new letter with not much of an update Monday.

"Since then we haven't heard anything. We're now on day 11 and we still don't know anything and its very frustrating when you don feel like you're getting any answers," said Ross.

The district says this happens every year because they base staffing numbers on the projected enrollment from the year before, and with class registration just a few days before school starts the numbers can be off.

The district says they are going over the numbers from all schools right now as they deal with transportation and teach pay issues.

They say they will bring in teachers based on need, but they say they won't get a full student count until mid-fall.