Several Robberies Near Beale Street

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(Memphis) News Channel 3 looked into robberies in downtown Memphis after 27-year-old David Santucci was shot and killed during an attempted robbery Monday morning.

We found there were four other robberies in the area that weekend.

“They had a gun and they had black t-shirts over their faces and just ran up quick and fast got out of there,” said Emily Anderson-Dobbs, who was robbed early Saturday morning outside of Central BBQ on Butler.

Emily said if she had known the robberies were happening, she would’ve changed her behavior.

“Maybe parking my car a little bit closer or something like that.”

We found at least five robberies in the past few days.

Many of the victims were leaving Beale Street between 12 and 6 in the morning when they were robbed.

Police have arrested the suspects connected to Santucci’s homicide and the four suspects connected to Emily’s robbery.

“When it did happen, it made me think it could be way worse. Before the guy got shot it made me think it could be way worse. I’m just glad I lost things that were replaceable  instead of friends that are irreplaceable,” added Emily.

An email from MPD spokesperson Sgt. Karen Rudolph said:

"Officers are continuously on routine patrol when they are not tending to a citizen's call for assistance. South Main Station has plenty of officers in their area to serve and protect their community. The recent homicide that occurred in the downtown area was an isolated incident in which the suspects responsible were apprehended moments after the crime occurred.

"Officers will remain vigilant and will continue to work to keep our streets safe.

"Both month-to-date and year-to-date crime numbers show South Main Station with the fewest amounts of reported crimes."