School Board President Arrested For Shoplifting

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(Clarksdale, MS) Everyone knows everyone in Clarksdale, and everyone we spoke to said Shirley Fair never seemed to worry about money.

She owned a florist shop, was president of the school board and has a driveway full of nice new cars.

Police were called to the Fred’s store after clerks say they saw Fair putting air freshener in her purse and walking out the door.

The police documents say she apologized for the theft and was let go.

She later turned herself in after admitting to the theft.

We tried to talk to Fair.

Despite all the cars in the driveway and voices heard inside, no one would come to the door.

Fair leads the school board and sets an example for children in Clarksdale.

While her character is in question at the Fred's, we're hearing a much different take in her neighborhood.

“She's always been a good person, go to the same church, she's a good church going woman, I don't believe the allegations,” said longtime friend Chris Michaels.

Fair was asked not to return to Fred’s again.

The arrest doesn’t impact her seat on the school board.