Council To Consider New “Street Light” Charge

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(Memphis) MLGW customers living in the city of Memphis will soon see a new fee for street light maintenance on their bills.

The charge comes after city council members decided during the budget season to transfer street light maintenance to MLGW.

The $6 million cost will now go to residents.

“All of us use the street lights and to only identify property owners to pay for the street lights would be unfair,” said Harold Collins.

Now city council members will have to approve the rates.

In an email from MLGW representative Glenn Thomas Thursday, he said the new proposed monthly rates are as follows:

Residential Apartment Charge: $1.08/month
Residential Non-Apartment Charge: $4.32
Small Commercial: $6.48
Large Commercial: $19.07

The extra charge is hard for many already struggling to pay their bill to swallow.

“It’s already high, I was there just this morning about my bill,” said customer Janice Broady.

The issue will be taken up during a city council committee meeting Tuesday.

The added charge will not show up on bills until January 2014.