Rampant Bus Problems Continue In Shelby County

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(Lakeland, TN) Despite a letter to parents and the resignation of the head of Shelby County Schools, transportation major bus problems are still happening all around the county.

Some parents say the bus hasn't even shown up, and they believe the district put the brakes on taking their complaint's a long time ago.

Gary Cuesta, an editor here at News Channel 3, is outraged over his 12-year-old daughter's new bus route.

She now has to hope an apartment complex's gate near her home is open so she can take a shortcut through to the bus stop on a very busy Highway 64.

“Unfortunately, that complex has had a lot of crime lately. Across the street there is a complex where there was just a murder hijacking. There are sexual predators in the area. There are sexual offenders registered in that area,” said Cuesta.

If his daughter doesn't walk through the complex, she must take a longer route that takes about 20 minutes, and there are no sidewalks.

Plus, she and other kids have to walk down Highway 64 and pray someone doesn't hit them.

Cuesta sent an email to the district to tell them about his frustration, but he got an email back saying his message had been deleted before it was read.

“It makes me really angry. A simple `hey give us a moment to look at.` Any message, any response, but to get nothing doesn't speak well,” said Cuesta.

Cuesta isn't the only parent upset.

Two separate parents sent pictures from two separate overcrowded school buses.  Students are in laps, and it looks very difficult to get down the aisle.

Shelby County Schools says they are still working on all these problems.

In a letter, they told parents they've brought in extra staff to address each complaint and come up with a solution.