Police Say Pampers Thieves Busted

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(Memphis) Two women accused of stealing from an East Memphis Walgreens, then pulling a gun on a security guard to get away, are off the streets tonight.

The two, who also had a little girl with them at the time, are in jail thanks some evidence left behind.

The two women may have gotten away with stealing Pampers and formula at the Walgreens on Poplar near Highland, had the convenience store not had surveillance cameras.

Walgreens captured their pictures, police asked us to air them, and now the two ladies have mugshots.

Police say the duo waltzed into Walgreens on July 25th and helped themselves to their shopping list, stealing Pampers, baby formula, Butterfinger candy bars, a cellphone, Dove soap and cigarettes.

When a security guard tried to stop them, police say Tenister, otherwise known as Tenisha Evans, pointed a gun at him and threatened to shoot.

“He said the lady stuck a gun out the window,” said Vernell Spivey, the security guard’s grandfather.

The security guard backed away just like his grandfather has told him to do.

“It’s not worth his life,” said Spivey. “It’s not worth nobody's life to get killed over some baby Pampers.”

The women took off in a busted-up car that July night with the little girl in the backseat.

They made the mistake of leaving their pictures behind.

Now, about three weeks later, the Pampers and formula theft has landed them behind bars.

“It’s sad how it happened and how she ended up in jail and now she can't even see her kids,” said Antione Blaine, who lives in Evans’s old Southeast Memphis neighborhood.

Evans is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and is in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Her friend, Teleshia Baskerville, is accused of helping Evans out. Her bond is just $100.