Hotline Allows Patients To Skip Emergency Room Lines

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(DeSoto County, MS) Baptist Memorial Hospitals are now allowing some people to skip the long lines in an emergency room and be admitted to the hospital right away.

At Dr. Patrick Ball's private practice in DeSoto County, he treats people for pretty much anything that can bother them from the inside out, like pneumonia and chronic heart disease.

But Ball says long lines in an emergency room could hold you up from getting the help you need.

To help doctors like Ball and patients all across the hospital get faster care, Baptist Memorial Hospitals set up a hotline.

Certain patients are admitted over the phone by their doctor while a nurse jots down exactly what's wrong.

It’s called Direct Admit.

“Direct Admit is an effort to keep patients who don't need to be in the emergency room out of the emergency room,” said Dr. Miquel Rodriguez, director of the Emergency Department at Baptist DeSoto.

“We know what it is. You just need to be in a hospital for more aggressive treatment,” said Dr. Ball.

Dr. Rodriguez says the new hotline cuts down the ER line for everybody.

“Emergency rooms can get quite hectic and busy. If you are taking up space with patients who don't need to be in the ER, that prevents other patients that are trying to get into that bed,” said Rodriguez.

It also saves patients money and keeps them from getting sicker.

“People that are coming to the ER are the sickest. If you are coming to the ER, you are going to be exposed to certain diseases. If you can avoid coming, that is better for you,” said Rodriguez.

Dr. Ball says the whole Direct Admit process takes about ten minutes.

Those ten minutes can make all the difference in your health.

The Hospital had a direct admit process in the past, but Ball says with that old system, it could sometimes take more than an hour to have patients admitted.