Businesses Get “Threatening” Letters Over Gun Law

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(Senatobia, MS) Lynn Barham put a sign in his pharmacy window banning weapons when Mississippi clarified it’s laws on openly carrying a firearm.

Not too long after, he found a letter at his business he found just a little threatening.

"In the letter, it said he would take his business elsewhere if I didn’t take the sign down, but that’s not really a problem because he never traded with me."

Several business owners in this shopping center along I-55 report getting the letters, which came with a little card that underscored the message.

"A pistol with a slash through it equals a dollar sign with a slash through it,” said business owner Mary Clay.

Translation: businesses that ban guns stand to lose business.

Law officers here say they know about these letters circulating, but there’s nothing much they can do about it since, technically, nobody’s breaking any laws.

Those behind the letters remain haven't spoken publicly much about their campaign.

Meantime, some business owners like Clay took their gun ban signs down, not because of any threat, but because she believed the signs didn’t make any difference.

"I always have the right to turn anyone that looks threatening out of my business, so if somebody walks in with a shotgun slung over their shoulder I have the right to deny them entry to my business.”

Reaction from neighboring businesses has been mixed.

Barham’s sticking with his sign for one simple reason:

”Guns and pharmacies don’t mix."

Meantime, the gun law itself remains the subject of discussion in Mississippi courts.