Southaven Takes Action On Building Rentals

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(Southaven, MS) Glenn Stroupe of the Concerned Citizens of Southaven says he’s been waiting to see the kind of change city politicians promised when they ran for office.

”Haven’t seen any changes to speak of. There was a lot of things on the agenda supposedly before the election. None of it has transpired."

But News Channel 3 has learned of one major change involving the rental of city buildings for private functions.

It comes after shootings at the Southaven Tennis Center and a beating on the campus of the Performing Arts Center.

”The fact we’re not doing anything is just the farthest thing from the truth. Because the first thing we did after the first event happened is we put a moratorium on all rentals to not only the Tennis Center but the PAC until we could get together and get a new rental agreement to keep something from happening like this in the future."

Alderman Payne works for Channel 3

For weeks, other aldermen promised action.

The mayor told us last week it was something the board would take up in the near future.

But Stroupe and others wonder why they’re just now hearing about the building rental policy.

”Came out of the Mayor’s office at the urging of the Police Department, so it never came before the board so it was a good idea,” Payne explained.

Payne says citizens have never brought up the building rental policy at board meetings, and Stroupe admits that may be an oversight on his group’s part.

”I think we probably need to get our group back together and ask a few questions."

Board Members say they’ll be ready with the best answers they have.