Children’s Museum Added to Lawsuit

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(Memphis) The Children’s Museum is the newest defendant named in  a lawsuit over the 19th Century Club.

 “We bent over backwards to avoid bringing the Children’s Museum into this case,” Attorney Steve Mulroy said.

 Mulroy says he had no choice after the museum refused to submit a letter saying they would freeze their account.

 More than $435,0000 dollars was donated to the museum after the sale of the 19th Century Club.

Mulroy wanted to make sure that money was not touched until a judge decided if the sale was valid so he asked Children’s Museum CEO Dick Hackett to sign off on not using the money.

 “I tried to avoid making them part of the lawsuit and asked the Children’s Museum to hold off on spending the money a few weeks. they declined to do so.”

 Instead late Monday afternoon, a judge forced the museum to do it.

 “We’re very please judge was in favor of freezing the assets until this is heard and I think that`s very important,” Memphis Heritage Executive Director June West said.

 Hackett declined an on camera interview, but in a statement accused Mulroy of dragging the museum into someone else’s legal battle. Then added, "out of respect to Chancellor Walter L. Evans and our legal system he serves, we will make our position known in the chancellor's court room and not in the streets."

 Mulroy said whatever happens in the court room, win or lose,  the Children’s Museum should still see a lot of money.

 “The question is will they get it in such a way that the  historic 19th century building is preserved or will they get a wad cash in such a way that the historic building is demolished."

 The next hearing is set for August 26th. The injunction to keep demolition from happening was extended until that hearing.