What To Do When You See A Dog Attacking Someone

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"She was getting mauled. She was getting mauled," said Elcardo Burrows.

When the sanitation employee drove around a curve on Sequoia in east Memphis, he saw something horrible - a woman being savagely attacked by a dog.

He jumped out of his truck to help her.

He bolted straight for the dog and stomped his feet, distracting the dog long enough for the woman to get in the truck.

Nina Wingfield, director of Collierville Animal Services, said as horrific as it is to listen to someone scream from a dog attack, stop and think before you try to help.

"You never just enter in bare-handed because you might be the second victim and, although you want to save that other person or child that's being attacked, you need to make sure you're protected," she said.

Wingfield suggested people take a moment to look around their car to see what they could use as weapon. A fire extinguisher is one the best tools because you can spray the animal.

Other things she suggests: a cooler, a backpack or the floor mat, which can be thrown over the dog.

While some people are too afraid to try to rescue someone under attack, Burrows said he never thought twice.

"I couldn't let her do that, I mean she was getting mauled," Burrows said.