Residents Of Senior High-Rise Upset Over Elevator Problems

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(Memphis) It's not just the weather that has senior citizens in Linden Camilla Towers hot.

The elevator has been on the blink for weeks.

"It's kinda bad for us you know. I had to walk up and down the stairs with this right here. I had to go to the store," says resident Ed Johnson, who uses a walker.

The building has ten floors and many residents are in wheelchairs or have health problems.

Temma Jackson has bronchitis and lives on the fifth floor with her husband.

"Going up them stairs, all them steps. I am 50 years old. I can't climb all them steps, girl, and he is in a wheelchair. I can't do nothing with him," says Jackson.

Tara Thomas worries about her 99-year-old grandmother.

"It's hard for us if the elevator is broken to get to her room, can't take her up the stairs because she's in a wheelchair. Like every time you look around the elevators are broken," says Thomas.

They say the air-conditioner has been down too and the building recently flooded.

Things are fixed and they break down again.

At the office, we were told to call corporate headquarters. All we got was a voice mail.

It's frustrating for people who just want working elevators.

"They were both out all day and night and I am just thankful nothing tragic happened. The people two stories and up I don't know what they would have done if they had to get down," says resident Rita Stigger.

"They talk about it won't be fixed til next weekend. All weekend you gotta be bothered with that and in this heat?" says Temma Jackson.

We are still trying to reach the Tesco office that runs the Linden Camilla Towers.

Each of the two towers has two elevators and at last report one elevator in each tower was working, but residents fear they will go out again and they will be left high and dry.