Parent Says His Emails To SCS Were Deleted Without Being Read

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(Millington) No one likes to be ignored.

One Millington man says his concerns have not only been ignored by Shelby County Schools, but also that his emails about his daughter's bus problems were deleted and not even read.

He showed us proof.

The Asbridge family says for the last two years, their daughter Sophie would catch the bus right on their street, but since the merger, she's been stranded.

They say every time they try to call Shelby County Schools, their calls and emails have been ignored.

“Frustration,” said Trey Asbridge. “Beyond frustration.”

Trey says he just wanted to know why his 6-year-old daughter wasn't getting picked up for school.

After having no luck on the phone trying to get in touch with the Transportation Department for Shelby County Schools, he emailed the address suggested on its website.

“I immediately received two emails back that stated that my email was deleted without being read in less than one minute after I sent the email,” he said.

He knew it happened because when he sent the email, he asked for a receipt to let him know it had been read.

He says it hasn’t been read yet.

“Is this the image of non-responsiveness that we are immediately getting on the first week?”

In a statement, Shelby County Schools says six people in the transportation department get those emails and they're presented to the person who specializes in that concern.

“This is not a situation where parent's emails and concerns are being ignored or purposely deleted,” it said.

“Have you gotten any response back yet?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No,” said Asbridge.

Trey says to whomever is concerned with his problem, any response would be better than none.

“At least that would be something,”he said.

Because of the high volume of complaints and calls, Shelby County Schools is asking parents to please be patient and know that every parent's concern is going to be answered on a case-by-case basis.

The Asbridge family says without the bus situation worked out, they still don't know how their daughter will get to school on Monday.