Bus Problems Continue To Plague Shelby County

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(Bartlett, TN) After the mega merger Shelby County Schools just underwent, people expected some hiccups the first day, but three days after that, parents say bus problems still haven't been fixed.

“There are a large number of parents who have lost trust and belief in this board and what they're trying to do,” said Chuck Bertling.

Bertling says his granddaughter was assigned a bus route nearly a mile from his house, yet there is a bus stop right in front of his home on Diplomat Place.

To fix the problem, he reached out to the district’s transportation hotline.

“From Friday, Monday and Tuesday, and part of yesterday, I made well in excess of 50 phone calls. No answer. It was with busy or it said the line was full,” said Bertling.

Shelby County Schools says it knows this is a problem and brought in extra staff to answer calls.

The district says right now call takers are working with each parent to work out their issue in the ongoing attempt to organize routes.

“The kids are confused, their frustrated and this has to be showing in their school work,” said Bertling.

Fayette County is also having problems.

One parent told News Channel 3 her children disappeared Tuesday because they were put on the wrong bus.

Administrators couldn't even find them until they were dropped off near her home and walked home.

Fayette County Superintendent James Teague blames a new computerized routing system.

“There were some glitches the first couple of days. This is our third day of school and things ran a lot better this morning and yesterday afternoon. We have tried to fix all of the problems that we've been aware of,” said Teague.

Shelby County Schools says they have also set up an email for parents who can't get through over the phone. They can be reached at scstransportation@scsk12.org.