Messy Kids And Handcuffed Couples?

A Washington restaurant owner says she's running a business, not a day care.

She posted a photo to Facebook, of a mess one family left in her cafe.

It went viral, sparking a debate about whether restaurants need to be more tolerant, or whether parents need to take more responsibility for their kids' bad behavior.

In a new survey of 22,000 Americans, 55% admitted to spying on their partners!

Most say they look through text messages, but also scope out social media, phone calls, even credit card statements.

And a New York comedian and filmmaker hatched a plan to spend 48 hours handcuffed to his wife of 8 years.

They had wanted to spend more time together, but he also wanted to see how they would handle it.

We have some new faces today.

Angela Jackson from V 101, Brodee Scott, with 101.9 Radio Now and you know this guy, our own Todd Demers.







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