Mother Accused Of Killing Children Not In Court

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(Memphis) The arraignment of Jamina Briggs, the mother accused of killing her two kids, was reset until August 16th since Briggs is still being treated at Memphis Mental Health Institute.

"We did enter a order for a mental evaluation, she is currently in a mental hospital and I’m sure they are currently doing that," said Briggs' public defender Gerald Skahan.

Skahan said he met with Briggs for the first time Friday.

"Usually when I meet with my clients I talk to them, I tell them who I am. The fact that she’s at MMHI her stability is really fragile right now. I just want to find out a little bit about her, tell her when her next court day is and see what I can do to help her."

Briggs is accused of calling 911 after stabbing her 6- and 1-year-old sons Wednesday.

She has a history of mental health problems.

"She has to be competent to stand trail. Which competency in some cases can be established in a couple of weeks and we’ve had clients that have never become competent before."