MLGW Spreads Word About Neighborhood Resources

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(Memphis) Everyone knows the purpose of calling 911, but how about 311?

It's a new city hotline to help you with anything you need from city government.

MLGW hosted a conference Friday for community leaders to learn about things like 311 so they can take the 411 back to their neighborhoods.

“You can order garbage carts,” said Cheryl Bone with Convoy of Hope who attended the conference. “You can complain about overgrown yards, anything you need to call the government about you can do there.”

Knowledge is power, and power company MLGW hopes spreading information will help Memphis become a better place. It was the point of Friday’s conference on Raleigh-LaGrange.

“How to get more connected to local government,” said MLGW CEO Jerry Collins.

Speakers answered questions about how to cut costs on electricity bills and took on concerns about the controversial smart meter.

“There are some people out there that are spreading myths about smart meters for whatever reason and we are happy to clarify those issues,” said Collins.

“My personal opinion, I think it’s going to be an excellent program for those of us who want to use it,” said Diane White, a conference participant.

Participants also learned about programs to help elderly neighbors.

“Project Care can step-in and help them make that one time repair,” said Collins.  “Get that water leak fixed so their bills go back to normal.”

From, an online neighborhood watch program, to scams going on around town...

“We don't call costumers about their bill,” said Collins.

Collins hope the people who attended the workshops take the 411 back to their neighborhoods.

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