Big Ticket Electronics Tax-Free This Weekend

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(Memphis) Some help at the cash register for back to school shoppers this weekend in Tennessee.

Computers and tablets worth up to $1,500 are tax-free through Sunday.

It's all part of the state's annual sales tax holiday.

Shoppers will also get a tax break on clothes, some clothing accessories and school supplies.

Jennifer Stewart has three kids to get ready for school.

She waited for the tax holiday weekend and plans to spend around $150.

She says any savings will be great.

"If you are going to save $10 or $15 --that's $15," said Stewart.

Connie Binkowitz is buying a Mini iPad to share with her son.

She was pleasantly surprised to find out it was included in the sales tax holiday.

She will save around $40.

"That's $40 dollars. I get to have the case basically for free," said Binkowitz..

In Arkansas, clothing, clothing accessories and school supplies are exempt from taxes this weekend.

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