Will This Device Keep Soda From Going Flat?

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Denise Alford loves drinking soda, but as soon as it starts going flat she pours it down the drain.

She is excited to test the "Pump & Pour Fizz Saver," a product that the maker claims will re-pressurize the bottle, thus keeping it carbonated longer than a standard top.

Denise screws on the "Pump & Pour," and gives it a few pumps. When she opens the top you can hear the bottle depressurizing.

But, we want to find out if it will keep the fizz longer than a standard top after several days.  Denise opens another bottle of soda and uses the standard top.

She poured her drinks from both the standard top bottle and the "Pump & Pour" bottle over the next few days.

After four days, Denise opens and pours the standard bottle and it is clearly going flat, and she can taste a big difference as well.

But, when she opens and pours the "Pump & Pour" bottle there are plenty of fuzzy bubbles, and Denise says it tastes like a freshly opened bottle of soda.

"Pump & Pour Fizz Saver" you PASS our "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased the "Pump & Pour Fizz Saver" on Amazon.com