Virus Holds Computer Hostage, Demands Ransom

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(MEMPHIS) Lee Cooper can't get a moment's rest these days. The computer repair man's phone is ringing off the hook. He has about 5 people a week calling in saying their computers are being held for ransom.

It’s called “ransomware”. You power on your PC and get a message from the FBI telling you you've been on some sort of illegal site and downloaded porn.  It claims your computer has been seized by the government but they'll let you have it back if you pay a few hundred bucks.

“it wants money to remove it you and I know the FBI isn't going to charge money to remove something like that”, said Copper.

The Better Business Bureau says some people are falling victim, including a Memphis dental office. Experts report this first popped up in Russia in 2009 and it's getting worse. Often times people who are new to the internet are the ones coughing up the cash.

“Don’t pay the ransom”, said Randy Hutchinson, of the Better Business Bureau.

If you think you're too smart to get this virus, think again.  It can pop up on your computer just by logging on to any everyday website that happens to be infected.

“You don't have to click anything just go to their website and pop”, said Cooper.