Parents Want Registration Process Improved

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(Memphis) Parents lined up at White Station High tonight.

They do it every year, proving to the school they still live where they claim so that their child can come back to school.

The process dates back further than most remember -- you have to come down here and show your ID, utility bill, just to keep your child in the same school.

Gracias Hall, a parent, said he waited for hours at Whitehaven High. He said there has to be a better way to do this.

“It just seems predated to me with all the technology we have if you going to have people going online to pre-register why do they have to come stand in line with 200 other people,: said Hall.

We asked a school spokeswoman why returning students couldn't just mail in a copy of their parents utility bill and driver's license. It's done that way in schools across the country.

We couldn't get a specific reason why.

At Tuesday night’s school board meeting Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson did say this,

“Our customer service has dropped to unacceptable levels."

The parents say this is one issue the school system needs  to take seriously.