Beale Security Guard Charged In Stabbing

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(Memphis) A Beale Street Security guard is behind bars, accused of stabbing a man inside the Pepsi Pavilion Saturday night.

Patrice Jones was arrested after police say she ran from the park and threw the knife down a sewer grate on Beale.

The 31-year-old told police she stabbed the man after they got into an argument and he choked her.

At least four witnesses say they saw the two fighting.

Two of the witnesses, including a fellow security guard, say they saw the victim come at Jones right before she stabbed him in the stomach.

Police are hoping video from the Real Time Crime Center will show them exactly what happened.

Jones told police she stabbed the man with a pocket knife she found inside the Pepsi Pavilion at 200 Beale.

Performa Entertainment hires all security guards along Beale. We wanted to know if security guards are allowed to carry weapons, but so far the company has not returned our calls.

The victim is listed in critical condition at the MED.