The Millington Crisis Center In Crisis

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(Millington, TN) There's a great concern that people in need of help in Millington won't get it, now that a crisis center there has closed down.

Community leaders say the Millington Crisis Center has been helping  the homeless and others in need for 25 years, but shut its doors this week because it ran out of funding.

We caught up with Atlanta Fleming while she was making a donation to the center.

"Did you you hear the place was closed down?" asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

"No," said Fleming, surprised.

She had no idea the place that's helped so many of her friends is gone.

"They ran out of money and they basically had to close down til they get more money," said Jerald Bach, a member of Knights of Columbus, a charity organization.

Bach says it ran out of money because more people have been needing help lately and less churches and organizations have been donating to keep it's doors open.

He says Knights of Columbus has tried to do its part

"We are not a multi-millionaire organization so we will send them some money, but we need other people in the community to help out too," said Bach.

He says it takes just a thousand dollars a month to keep the place running and some wonder why the City of Millington doesn't step in to help.

"I've called the alderman, I've called the mayor," said Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland.

Roland says he got the pleas for help this morning on his cell phone.

"Right now my whole effort is to get these people the help that they need," Roland said.

It's the effort right now of at least several people in Millington who care.

"We are a small community, but we are picking up a lot of homeless, we need to keep these people going, said Bach.  "But for the grace of God, it could be me, it could be you, it could be anybody."

If you want to help the Millington Crisis Center, contact Terry Roland at 901-634-4606