Neighbor Say Man Operating Illegal Car Repair Shop Out Of House

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(Frayser) Even the neighborhood kids knew who we were looking for when we showed up on Ontario Avenue looking for a car repair shop.

Concerned neighbors emailed News Channel 3, saying Roosevelt Hobson was operating a car repair shop out of his house in an area zoned only for homes.

When we confronted Hobson about the accusations, he told us the neighbors claims were off base.

"I don't know why they would say," he said. " I ain't running no mechanic shop."

But the more he talked, his story seemed to unravel.

"I have a building behind the house where I can do repair work," he said.

Reporter: "Are there more cars in the back?"

Hobson: "I don't know."

Reporter: "You don't know? But that's your yard."

Hobson: "I know what's in the back of my yard. You can't get any information out of me."

He did tell us he had another location where he does repair cars after we asked him about the Roosevelt Automotive shirt he was wearing.

He told us his shop was at 1382 Roberston Road.

But when we checked it out, it was a residential area and that address didn't even exist.

We did learn that Roosevelt Automotive does have a real address.

It's listed in the white pages, MapQuest, and even on the Chamber of Commerce website at, you guessed it, his home on Ontario Avenue.

Some of Hobson's neighbors defended him.

"It doesn't affect me or bother me at all," Eric Cunningham said.

They call him a good neighbor who even pumps air in the tires for all the neighborhood kids bikes.

"He's not doing nothing to hurt nobody else," Cunningham said.

But he has been reported to code enforcement that may see things differently.

Hobson was cited last year for violating zoning and operating without a license.