FedEx Worker Caught Tossing Boxes Into Truck

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(New York, NY) A FedEx employee was caught on camera carelessly tossing boxes into the back of her delivery truck.

The video was posted to YouTube July 24.

The poster said the video was shot on East 44th Street in Manhattan and even included the truck number.

At one point, a man who does not appear to be a FedEx employee, can be seen also throwing boxes into the truck.

We showed it to customers outside the Memphis Post Office.

“You have to think about the individual that is gonna receive that mail. They don’t know if it’s broken or if they are destroying someone’s items that are supposed to come to them in good condition. I think it’s just ridiculous they are allowing them to do that,” said Nicole McGee of Hickory Hill.

No word on who took the video, but as you might expect, in today’s tech age it’s all over the web.

It even made the CBS Morning News.

Within hours, Fed Ex came out with a statement calling the video disappointing.

“FedEx sets high performance standards for our team members, which is why our customers trust us to pick up and deliver almost 10 million packages a day around the globe. I want you to know that this situation is completely unacceptable to us and this driver is no longer working for FedEx,” said Fed Ex Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Shannon Brown.

Still, pictures can be worth a thousand words and leave a lasting impression.

“That is uncalled for there. It says a lot about Fed Ex and their employees, some of them,” says Cedric Weaver of Binghampton.

Tonight there is one less of them.

Fed Ex fired the worker after the video surfaced.