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Dozens Out of Work As Tipton Manufacturer Closes

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(Covington, TN) The parking lots of Paslode in Covington are just about empty, even though they don't officially close until September.

When this plant closes its doors, 41 people will lose their jobs. That's down from the 200 who worked here when the when the economy tanked five years ago.

“They make nails. That's tied to housing and construction, and construction is not busy now,” said Covington Mayor David Gordon.

Gordon says the employees worked at the company an average of more than 20 years.

Gordon says this kind of news breaks the entire community's heart because everyone knows each other.

In the past four years, six manufacturers have left this city alone, taking with them more than 600 jobs.

Gordon says the good news is that new manufacturers are coming and many are expanding right now. He believes many of those 41 employees will be able to move into one of those manufacturing jobs.

“They've had almost 2000 days without an injury in a plant that makes nails. So they are safety conscious, they're hardworking, they're good employees and I think they will have an opportunity or employment hopefully not too long from now,” said Mayor Gordon.

Paslode’s parent company says they will help the people who worked here find other jobs.

Most of them say they are heartbroken because they're in their 40s and 50s and they've spent decades dedicating their lives to the company.