Study: Mid-South Is Nation’s Most Unhealthy Region

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(Germantown, TN) Your job and bad habits may be killing you.

A recent study says states in the Mid-South are the unhealthiest and have the worst well-being in the nation.

Out of all 50 states, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi come in at the bottom of the nation when it comes to health and well-being.

The study by Gallup-Healthways says the news gets even worse because the states rank lower than last year.

“Unfortunately in our society today, everyone is sitting in front of a computer and punching the mouse and clicking and on Facebook instead of getting out and exercising,” said Dr. Mark Castellaw.

Castellaw says many things went into the study, like emotional and physical health, along with how much a person diets and exercises.

Another area where Tennessee saw a huge negative shift was job environment.

“Because of the economy and issue we have with that there are a lot of people who can’t afford to buy the proper healthy food,” said Dr. Castellaw.

Castellaw says poor diet is causing an epidemic of diabetes in the Mid-South.

The study says Hawaii and Colorado are the healthiest states and people who live there typically tend to be a little more active and spend a lot of time outside.

Doctors say if people in the Mid-South exercised a little more, health rates would instantly improve.

Andy Pulliam says he never misses a walk at lunch and being active changes his whole life.

“If I don’,t the pounds gain and I don’t feel as well, and I’ve just been an exercise buff my whole life,” said Pulliam.

Despite the bleak numbers, Dr. Castellaw says he is seeing a change.

“In my practice I’m seeing more and more people are trying to get out and exercise. So I think people are trying to do better,” said Dr. Castellaw.

Dr. Castellaw says it’s also important to get regular check-ups at your doctor so any possible health problems can be caught early.

He says because of the job market in the Mid-South, many people don’t do that because they don’t have insurance.