Shelby County Teachers Ask “Where Is My Retirement Money?”

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(Memphis) Darlene Stark is frustrated.

The Bolton High School teacher wants to make sure she gets every penny she`s worked hard to get.

Over the last two months, retirement money she signed up to have taken out of her check has been taken out, but not deposited into her Valic retirement account.

"Immediately I called Valic to see why it hadn't posted to my Valic Account and it wasn't there and the lady at Valic told me we can't post what we haven't gotten," says Stark.

She says other  teachers are also left wondering and can't get answers from Shelby County Schools.

"Talk to me. Tell me what's going on. If I ran my classroom with the communications that I experienced now, they would have raked me over the coals," says Stark.

Shelby County School officials said in a written statement:

"Adjustments have been made in processing retirement savings plans and the large volume of accounts has created a slight delay in the posting of retirement funds to accounts. Be assured, we are addressing this as quickly as possible to ensure that all employee benefits are administered properly."

That doesn't clear things up for Stark.

What's more frustrating, the reply News Channel 3 got from the Shelby County Schools is more than some teachers are getting.

"It seems to me it would be prudent to put people on the phone to talk to people and say we will get back to you and find out about this," says Stark.

School officials say last week hundreds of employees had one-on-one sessions with Shelby County School staff  to address several pay discrepancies and  to get new checks.

It's a work in progress as two systems become one.