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Former Deputy Arrested For Retaliation

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(Memphis) A former Shelby County deputy is in trouble, accused of threatening her former colleagues.

Heather Westling resigned from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in May and police say ever since she's wanted to get back at the department.

The former sheriff's deputy, who’s last known address was at a Bartlett apartment, has a bond of $500,000 because police say she not only threatened one former colleague, but three of them on two different occasions.

The first incident happened in May, two days after police say Westling resigned from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

“A bunch of cops came in here and got her,” said Melonie Halpeny, Westling’s former neighbor.

Police say the sheriff’s department got a call Westling was suicidal but when two deputies came to check on her she yelled at them and confronted them with a knife.

“She was outside they pulled their guns on her. That's all I know,” said Halpeny.

After a struggle with deputies, they took her to get some mental help, “She didn't look too good.”

Then, two months later, Westling was pulled over on Airline Road for speeding.

Police say she told the officer on July 9th, "No, I’m not going to slow down and I want to let you know that I have a gun in the car."

The officer, who knew Westling as a former Shelby County deputy, found the gun in the center console with a live round in it and took it.

Police say Westling then told the officer, “People said that I was passive aggressive, well I’m taking the passive out of it and I'll show you ******* aggressive."

When the officer asked what she meant by that, they say Westling said she'd been waiting for the right officer to pull her over and she would beat them up and show them how much they wronged her.

Police say Westling was initially taken to a mental hospital, but now has been booked in jail.

She’s been charged with four counts of aggravated assault and two counts of retaliation