SCS Giving Some Parents The Runaround Because Of Wrong Registration Information

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(Memphis) July 30th is the day Shelby county parents will register their children for the upcoming school year.

And Angel Scott is a frustrated parent.

Her young children just moved in with her and she spent the day trying to register them for school, but she only got hour after hours’ worth of misinformation from Shelby County Schools.

Late Wednesday, the district admitted it made several mistakes.

“I just feel that they are very unorganized and it's making it hard for parents who have to use public transportation or their own cars,” said Scott.

Scott doesn't have a car and caught a ride with a friend to the district's central office to register her kids because that was the past policy.

“When I get there...I'm stopped by the security guard at the door and he's telling me they no longer registered kids at the board on Hollywood,” said Scott.

She says the guard sent her all the way to Arlington to register.

“When we get there the lady behind the desk tells me `I told them to stop sending people here, because we don't do any registration here you will have to go online,’” said Scott.

Scott then went out of her way to borrow a friend's computer, but that was just another waste of her time.

The district says there is no online registration for schools.

School Board Member David Reeves says the district tried to stay on top of communication with parents.

“I think the processes have changed and I think most people have gotten the communications. Some people get them, some people don`t. Some people read them, some people don't,” said Reeves.

Scott says she never got any sort of letter and after spending the day getting the run around, assumes other people didn't either.

The district says they've tried to let parents know about the registration through their website and social media and an ad campaign that started at the beginning of the summer.