Oasis For Memphis ‘Food Deserts’

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(Memphis) It's gotten a lot easier for people living in some of the city's poorest neighborhood to enjoy more fruits and vegetables.

This week, the Greene Machine Mobile Food Market hit the streets of Memphis.

The rolling grocery store will be on the road Monday through Friday and will target 16 areas where people have little money and little access to affordable, fresh food.

Some seniors at University Plaza on Lamar in South Memphis were some of the first to hop on the bus and go shopping.

Many we spoke to said they don't have regular transportation to get to the store.

They said this is convenient and will encourage them to eat healthier foods.

"I don't eat healthy, but I will if they start coming to me," said Ella Bankston.

Several neighborhood groups, churches, the University of Memphis and Baptist Hospital all helped put the Greene Machine on the road.

MATA is leasing the bus for a dollar year.

University of Memphis researchers say there are 77 high poverty areas in Memphis and only seven have access to a full service market.

For list of the Greene Machine's daily routesclick here.