Food Hub Starts In DeSoto

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(Hernando, MS) James White, a Southaven Farmer’s Market regular, just can’t get enough of Frank and Margie Calvi's produce he buys there.

”I like fresh vegetables and everything. I can make a meal out of a tomato sandwich with mayonnaise on it."

Now, he’ll have another way to get some of the produce he wants all in one place, at the same time.

The Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi has helped form the Four Rivers Food Hub.

Call it the Netflix of food.

”We collect food from the farmers locally here. We put it together in boxes that are two sizes, small and large, for the customer that wants to purchase it,” said director, Margaret Yates.

Boxes are ready every week. Members pay $25 for a large box, and $15 for small, and you don’t have to buy every week.

The food you get is seasonal, so don’t expect vine ripe tomatoes in December. What you will get is the freshest locally-grown produce available.

The hub will operate out of the Red Square butcher shop on Hernando’s Commerce Street.

”It’s fresh food, straight from the field," said Yates.

The Hub will primarily help families, but businesses are joining too.

”For us to be able to tell our customers that the tomatoes they’re eating come from local, or whatever, today it’s tomatoes, whatever we decide to buy week-to-week, that gives us a niche and one above the rest of the competition,” said Lisa Beene, of the Fillin' Station restaurants.

Potential customers like White say it could help cut down the time they spend in hunting down certain produce items.

”Everybody always tells you we had some, if you got here earlier we had some, come back tomorrow and the next day we just ran out."

Apparently, healthy eating just got easier.

For information on how to join the food hub, call Margaret Yates at 901-326-1627 or e-mail