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Does It Work: Mighty Light

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Bonnie Greer is concerned about her family's safety.

The street lights and porch lights at her Orange Mound apartment aren't working, and she is worried about criminals targeting her at night.

She doesn't want to spend money hiring an electrician to install new lights, so she is hoping that the $10 "Mighty Light" will do the trick.

The "Mighty Light" is a battery powered, motion sensing LED light that claims it can illuminate dark places both indoors and outdoors.

Bonnie tried them in her dark bathroom first, and they seem to work as advertised.

She decided to mount them outside of her front door and her back door to see if they can replace the broken porch lights.

Once dark outside, Bonnie walked up to her porch and the "Mighty Light" turned on. The motion sensor detected her movement, and the LED lights turned on instantly.

The "Mighty Light" didn't illuminate the entire area, but Bonnie was overall impressed.

"Mighty Light" PASSED our "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased "Mighty Light" from Kroger for $9.99