Ticks Carrying New Heartland Virus

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The CDC says there's a new virus carried by ticks that could make you sick.

It's called the Heartland Virus, and there's no way to treat it.

It's summer, so many of us are spending more time outdoors and have the battle scars to prove it.. But now we learn there's something new out there that you may need to be worried about.

Deborah Eizinger spends her free time playing with the pups at the Memphis/Shelby County Humane Society.

The workers and volunteers here spend tons of time with so many animals, which puts them at a risk for getting bit by bugs.

"The ticks seems to like me more than anything else," Eizinger said. "I'm always checking to see if I have ticks."

The CDC says ticks are carrying a new virus they've never seen before.

The virus gives you chills, fever and body aches.

Mosquito and tick borne illnesses are popping up more these days in middle America, especially in Arkansas and Missouri.

Doctors had a tough time diagnosing them, but now there's a name for what many people in the Mid-South may have already been suffering from.

Doctors say the treatment is the same - take fever reducers, and get plenty of rest and fluids.

To protect yourself, doctors say check your clothes and use mosquito spray.