Man Exposes Himself To Female Joggers

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(Germantown, TN) Josh Elam woke up Sunday morning to his phone ringing and his fiance in a panic.

She has just started her 20 mile trek, training for the Boston Marathon.

Around 7:30 that morning, she crossed Neshoba and Brookside, and a man walked by her and yelled out something.

When she stopped, he opened his pants and exposed himself.

“When that's not exciting anymore, what will this person do next?” wondered Elam.

The man is reportedly in his 50s, weighs 165 pounds. with greying hair.

The woman got online and spread the word to other joggers, and couldn't believe what she heard.

“She found out she wasn't first person it happened to in the same area,” said Elam.

Officers are taking in all the tips.

The joggers say they know of about ten cases around here.

It's not just worrying runners, but parents too.

This all happened in front Chad Clark's door where his wife and 17-month-old play.

“She's home most of the day. It's alarming to know someone would be doing that in this neighborhood sure,” said Clark.

Joggers are spreading the word through social media and asking you to be on the lookout as well.  If you see anything that's unusual, call police.