Woman Orders Dog To Attack Boy

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Kayevin Bracey, 9, literally ran for his life this weekend after a Pit Bull puppy was ordered to attack the little boy by his owner.

“I asked her what's the dog name she said don't worry about it," said Bracey.

According to police documents, Kathy Denise Bennett came to this home on Norwood Avenue with her pit bull in tow.

Kayevin's mom said the woman brought the dog for her.

The two have been in an argument involving their kids, but never did she expect this.

“This was a pit bull, she just had it walking around like this was a stick or something, I don't think she cared,” said Tuesday Wesley, the child’s mother.

Wesley said she and Bennett exchanged words earlier, but the woman stayed behind and when this curious 9-year-old asked about the dog, she went off.

Police arrested Bennett, who has a criminal history of arguments and confrontations, but never toward a child.

Wesley hopes it's a lesson for all parents.